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Specialty Program

Skin Rejuvenation & Youth Restoration

  There are many components to this program.

  • Skin Assessment
  • Series 1 – Restore Oxidative Stress
    • additional evaluation of supplements and minerals that can contribute to your program
  • Series 2 – DNA Optimization
  • Series 3 – Immune System
  • Series 4 – Mitochondria Energy
  • Series 5 – Skin Rejuvenation
  • Series 6 – Adrenal and Hormonal Upgrade
  • Add – Elimination of Heavy Metals and Physical Stressors

This remote session

You will be required to send a picture of yourself via email, your date of birth and a personal voice imprint.

. This session includes a 15 minute private consult prior to each session. We will chart your progress!

Book a 15-minute consultation and let’s look at the possibilities!