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Specialty Program

Relationship Reset

Is it time to hit the reset button on a relationship or situation? This process allows the stickiness and conflict within relationships, situations to dissolve so you can move forward with clarity and more ease.

There are several ways you can use this process.


  • Do you have a current situation or relationship with anyone that is not working or intense and you cannot seem to change it. Would you like to?
  • Sometimes when people have left this world there can still be some angst or conflict stuck in our worlds or bodies, that if it were not there would allow your life to be different.
  • Is there some event that occurred in your life and you have not been the same since? This is another situation where you can use this process

This remote session can be life-changing. If you could think of a person or situation with no charge or change your relationship would you?

You will be required to send a picture of yourself via email and a picture of each person or situation that you would like to clear or change.

Singular process Investment $200 – additional individuals or situations $50 each and can be done at the same session. This sessionincludes a 15 minute private consult

Book a 15-minute consultation and let’s look at the possibilities!