More Happiness

Would you like to have more happiness? The power of quantum biofeedback can contribute to you feeling happier and more alive. Would you like to feel less stressed or elevate your mood, let’s make it happen!  You can receive this session where ever you are.

Create your Business

Is it time to start fresh, change your business or create a side hustle? The past number of months have certainly brought about change and with that new possibilities. Have these changes left you feeling flat or are you anxious to start something new? This program will allow you to explore and create from a different place. Would you like to have a business that was fun to play with every day?

Starts August 27 | 2020 at 1:30 PDT – your time in the world.

4 weeks of exploration and creation – August 27, September 3, 10, 17

What business wants to be created that is waiting for you? REGISTER


Life by Design

Is it time to start living again or redesign your current life? Are you unsure of what to do next? This will give you clarity and energize your desires, but you can also get ongoing energetic tune-ups and info to keep you on track…even if you change tracks. Sound like fun? Come join me a create your new adventure.

Starts September 15 | 2020  – Learn More

Accelerate Your Business

The business world is changing faster than ever…is it time to get and create some insightful ideas and create possibilities? Would you like some redefinition or accelerate your business growth?

This is an ongoing group program, you can join anytime.

Starts  July 27 | 2020  – Learn More

Relationship Program

What kind of relationship would you like? Do you have old programs playing in the background that keep you from the luscious and exciting relationship that you desire?

Starts  September 9 | 2020  – Learn More

Supersonic metabolism and body reset.

This 10-week program is designed to invigorate and help you change your body, release unwanted stressors like heavy metals etc and improve your relationship with your body.

Start anytime – More Info