Life by Design

Life by Design

Life by Design is 3 part series. It is a life design lab. You will have more clarity about what you desire to have your life to be and how to create it. This will take you into the reality and energy of your future. You will create from a platform and ever-evolving place as you start to create the possibilities. This workshop is beyond the vision board, beyond journaling, beyond affirmations. 3 sessions that will give you the steps and help you discover and create what you want with an infusion of special energy. Create yourself as a magnet, move out of the past, and actualize your desires. There is an addon called Stage 2 – Move it. This addon will help you to actualize your goals.

Program Dates September 15,22,29 | 2020      @2 pm EDT – Your time in the world Here

Stage 1
– The Creation of Life by Design – 3 – 75 to 90-minute group sessions.
You will receive:
The 3 workshop sessions
Preliminary startup information to prepare
Workbook – each part of the series sent each week

If you would like to get some help in implementing the design you can add:
Stage 2 – Keep the momentum going by joining the Move it ! Implement and create momentum toward the targets you desire.
You will receive:

60-minute group calls held bi-weekly. This will allow you to have ongoing coaching and momentum to create what you desire.  Receive additional energy to potentialize creation and possibilities
Investment as a Membership bi-weekly calls $120 per month
1 – 60-minute group call on Zoom – Drop-in $ 75 per session

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