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Break free and enhance your life and living with energy medicine and energetic work that transforms your life and health with ease.

I’m Dr. Terrie Hope. Passionate about creating global change, I share a path of transformation to optimal health, joy and ageless living. With alternative medicine, energy healing and intuitive gifts I help you shift energy and perceptions beyond any limits. Expand, elevate and invigorate. Are you ready?

Live to your fullest potential, be in vibrant health, love your life!

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Coffee with Terrie is there to contribute to you with inspiration and energy. Create your day with more! These events were inspired by a client that said “if I could have coffee with Terrie every day, my life would be so much easier.” I recently asked, what does this program bring you? “Coffee with Terrie” gives me a different perspective so I can move through my day in a positive way”

Join us weekly Wednesday at 8:30 am EDT.

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If you would like more, join the group and receive calls and inspirations Monday-Wednesdays-Fridays weekly with downloadable files so you can receive the energy anytime you like.

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This program will improve your energy, concentration, reduce toxicity and help you create more in your life, the easy way.